Parallasse per una foto: i Dodici cavalli vivi di Jannis Kounellis su Cartabianca

Denis Viva


This study aims at reconsidering one of the most famous photo-documentation of Arte Povera: Claudio Abate's view of the Dodici cavalli vivi by Jannis Kounellis at the galleria L'Attico in Rome (14th January 1969). This photograph is now considered as the intersection of different authorship expectations and especially through its contextualization into the Fabio Sargentini's activity of L'Attico gallery and its art review Cartabianca. As Brian O'Doherty proposed this photo-documentation could also be included into an ideal history of artistic display in the XX Century. 


Contemporary Italian Art; Art display, Jannis Kounellis, Fabio Sargentini; Claudio Abate; galleria l'Attico

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